The Buffalo Bills have had just two home stadiums in their history, but since 2008 have also played one home game in Canada. The Bills began in War Memorial Stadium in 1960. The Stadium was built as a part of the WPA during the Great Depression. The Bills played all their AFL home games in this stadium, but when the two leagues merged War Memorial Stadium was deemed “unsuitable for National Football League play”. The NFL demanded that all stadiums have a capacity of at least 50,000 and War Memorial only had a capacity of 46,500. The ruling resulted in the building of Ralph Wilson Stadium.

The Bills have called Ralph Wilson Stadium home since 1972. The stadium is named after the owner of the Buffalo Bills. “The Ralph” opened with AstroTurf as the playing surface and had a seating capacity of 80,000. In 2011, the stadium became the first in the league to use A-Turf Titan turf. Currently the seating capacity for the stadium is 73,079. Some seats were replaced with luxury boxes in 1998. Although Ralph Wilson Stadium is the official home of the Buffalo Bills, in 2008 the Buffalo Bills agreed to play one home game a year in the Rogers Centre in Canada. This season the Bills are scheduled to play the Seattle Seahawks. Unfortunately the Bills playing a home game in Canada has fueled a belief that the team is plotting to move there. In April 2012, it was reported that the Bills will spend $200 million renovations to Ralph Wilson Stadium.