Programmatic Connected TV Advertising

What is Programmatic Connected TV


Programmatic Connected TV advertising is the use of software to buy digital advertising for video content and programming for Connected TV devices.  Connected TV (CTV); refers to any TV that can be connected to the internet and access content beyond what is available from a cable provider. CTV includes ads bought programmatically and shown on computer/mobile streaming, or over-the-top (OTT) devices.

Programmatic TV or Connected TV (CTV) Advertising includes and allows:

  • Programmatic video ads to be purchased and streamed over the internet on any device including mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

  • The ability to reach consumers who have cut the cord to traditional television through programmatic video media buying.

  • Programmatic Connected TV (CTV) advertising allows you to show ads on Netflix, Roku, Direct TV OnDemand, and other premium content providers to reach cord-cutting households.

Programmatic TV Advertising or CTV

Advertising acronyms include:

  • CTV: Connected TV

  • OTT: Over the top

  • PMP: Private marketplace

  • CPCV: Cost-per completed view

  • VCR: Video completion rate

How does connected TV advertising


Programmatic Television or CTV Advertising is a form of Private Marketplace (PMP). 

The programmatic media buying ecosystem operates with multiple levels of auctions, with unique parameters for price and access at each level of the auction. The private marketplace inventory sale sits just one auction level above the open exchange but allows marketers the chance to access specific placements in an auction with fewer bidders, which makes win rates higher. However, associated costs are higher as well.

The Cost of Programmatic Television or Connected TV Advertising

When considering connected TV over regular video advertising, one thing to keep in mind is that this premium ad space often requires participants to pay a certain price floor or higher-priced minimum CPM. Connected TV is sometimes 3–5x more expensive than a standard video placement, but the CPCV is almost always cheaper than the CPCV for video assets.

Video turns out CPMs of $10-15, while CPMs for Connected TV can reach up to $65+. While certainly not the least expensive targeting tactic per-unit (upwards of $65 versus $15), Connected TV is almost guaranteed to produce a better outcome in the form of less expensive CPCVs.

Vetting Programmatic Connected TV

Buying Companies

The following are some areas to consider when vetting Programmatic TV Advertising media buying companies.

  1. Experience Running Successful Programmatic TV Advertising Campaigns

    Ensure that any Programmatic TV or Programmatic CTV media buying company you may be considering has real experience running dedicated CTV programs and campaigns. They should also have a strong understanding of the Linear TV and Network space. Programmatic TV or CTV media buying is a complicated service that is commonly over simplified, which leads to campaigns often being run poorly as a result. 

  2. Knowledge of Programmatic TV or CTV Advertising Platforms

    CTV is primarily a contract-based program that requires more manual review and assignment in order to properly control the inventory that is being secured. For this reason, it’s also a very good idea to make sure that your Programmatic TV or Programmatic CTV media buying company takes a holistic approach to Programmatic TV or Programmatic CTV campaigns. Many unique variables must be considered including the different access environments such as SmartTV, Console, Full Episode Player, and more. 

  3. A Campaign Data Overlay Expert

    You want to be sure that your Programmatic TV or Programmatic CTV media buying company is a data expert. The primary value of Programmatic TV or Programmatic CTV, is the ability to layer in digital targeting techniques and strategies through the integration of data sources. This helps ensure the right people are being targeted. This can help ensure that quality is the focus, and not just low price. 

Programmatic Television Advertising with

Vuja De Digital

How does Vuja De Digital look at Programmatic Television or CTV Advertising?

The Vuja De Digital Programmatic Television Advertising team are hands on and constantly evaluating and adjusting the inventory, the bids, and the audiences being served. Automation is the enemy of Programmatic Television or CTV Advertising. Programmatic Television or CTV Advertising needs attention and expertise to truly yield the best results. 

We look at Programmatic Television or CTV Advertising as a mass awareness opportunity to reach audiences in engaging environments with high impact messaging. This also ideally contributes to a holistic digital strategy supporting other lower funnel channels and initiatives. 

Vuja De Digital also believes that Programmatic Television or CTV Advertising should be held to strict measurement and attribution standards in line with any other digital channel. We like to focus on “view through” engagement as a touchpoint in the user journey. 

Knowing how exposure to Programmatic Television or CTV Advertising plays a role in conversion activity can help validate and optimize campaign executions. In order to achieve this, a deep understanding and integration with device graphs must be established to get household level data views.

The Vuja De Digital Difference

What's Unique About Our Approach?

Vuja De Digital starts with a hands-on, human-first execution, with dedicated contract evaluation and adjustment. This combined with a measurement-first approach to validate meaningful performance data, allows us to create campaigns that drive business impact beyond just media delivery. 

Vuja De Digital does not simply run low cost, basic inventory. We instead focus on the highest quality, most targeted, and strongest impact media. We do this even if it means paying a premium, because it more than pays for itself in the end. 

We secure media that works, not media placements that just look good on paper. We do not limit ourselves to out of the box inventory. We consistently work with partners and providers directly to secure additional inventory and premium opportunities.

What Can Advertisers Expect From Vuja De Digital? 

People can expect a fully hands on, deeply strategic approach with constantly evolving campaigns. We do not run a set it and forget initiatives. We utilize a solid, data-driven approach to guide optimizations.  

Our team constantly seeks new opportunities to layer in new data and continually test. This is a more manual process but yields better results. We also integrate tracking and attribution to the fullest extent. We strive to get a clear picture of the overall impact of Programmatic TV or CTV Advertising campaigns beyond simple ad delivery. We extract as much data and and as many insights possible to consistently improve campaigns over time.

If you’re ready for a hands-on data-driven Programmatic Television or CTV Advertising partner, and are tired of simply paying a fee for media ‘placement’ versus ‘performance,’ please get in touch. We at Vujà Dé Digital would love to show you another way.