Programmatic Advertising Services

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is the use of software to buy digital advertising. While it involves the use of software, it does not equate to the complete automation of the ad buying process. With programmatic advertising, intelligent humans have more time for strategy development, targeting, and optimization of ads that are executed through ad placement software.

Programmatic advertising may include:

? Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)

? Advertisers

? Publishers

? Targeting

? Data Overlays

? Analytics

An array of Programmatic advertising options exists across a wide range of digital channels; including display, mobile, video and social. While programmatic advertising software has allowed more sophisticated targeting and ad placement options, the complexity of programmatic advertising has become more sophisticated over time. 

Vetting Programmatic Advertising Companies

The following are some areas to consider when vetting Programmatic Advertising companies.

Compensation Model

Do they charge a flat fee, a percentage-of-media fee, or are they willing to be compensated based upon performance? Most Programmatic Advertising agencies want to collect a flat-fee or be paid a percentage of the advertising budget that an advertiser spends. In these compensation models, Programmatic Marketing agencies are paid regardless of the advertiser’s results.

Very few Programmatic Advertising partners are willing to be compensated based upon their performance. However, our experience has shown that performance-based compensation with Programmatic Advertising; drives more ownership of the end results of money invested.

This also drives higher accountability because media placed must create a tangible result as measured by business objectives. This small shift can completely change a campaign from focusing on what “looks good on paper” to what “looks good in the bank.”

Experience Level of Programmatic Advertising Team

The level of expertise of the Programmatic Advertising team you choose to work with, can have a significant impact on your end results. While more experienced marketers are preferable, our experience has shown that Programmatic Advertising agencies often put more junior talent in charge of campaigns. This is necessary to align profitability with their compensation, average hourly rates, and client P&L requirements.

The most beneficial solution for companies or organizations selecting a Programmatic Advertising partner, is one that assures a minimum level of experience of at least three-years across at least two to three verticals or more. 

This experience is necessary to not only run a good campaign but to know the right questions to ask. An experienced media buyer will know what data to look for and what actions to take as a result of data trends. They will be better equipped to develop a strong campaign setup that delivers the right data and performance in the first place. A junior buyer might be fine to “set it and forget it” using automation, but you want someone capable of creative thinking that knows the right levers to pull.

Programmatic Platform Expertise

While differences exist between platforms, knowing which Programmatic Advertising platforms a potential partner is familiar with can be important. An experienced partner will be knowledgeable about at least 2-3 DSPs, if not more. 

Because the industry is constantly changing, a solid Programmatic Advertising partner will be knowledgeable across the platform options and have a certain level of knowledge about the strengths of each platform. However, more in-depth experience across two or more platforms is desirable.

This knowledge extends to all 3rd party solutions that add value to campaigns. A DSP to execute is just the tip of the iceberg, you must also consider ad servers, data partners, traffic validation, attribution, inventory contracts, and much more.

True programmatic media buying is a combination of many tech solutions working in harmony to invest budgets the smartest way possible for the highest return on investment.

Our Programmatic Services

Vujà Dé Digital Programmatic Advertising Services have been built to harness the true potential and value of programmatic media buying. While many media buying agencies take advantage of the efficiency of automation, we take advantage of the power of data and scale. This means that we leverage the access that programmatic offers to find just the right audiences, deliver ads in just the right environments, and measure the impact that has on meaningful business results.

The foundation is laid and comes to life in the onboarding process. This is where we uncover the various segmentations, we can apply to a campaign setup and ongoing campaign optimizations. Because our focus is on performance to hit business objectives, this allows us to identify and scale the best performing components within any campaign.

The outcome is that we develop campaigns that are built to drive results first and media delivery second, whereas others are concerned about delivering to their media plans in the hope that may yield some tangible business results.

Programmatic Display Advertising

Vujà Dé Digital’s Programmatic Display Advertising offers the ability to deliver ads to highly targeted audiences across a variety of ad formats. We can leverage Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, and even Connected TV and In-App inventory. We provide a comprehensive and platform agnostic programmatic managed service.

Our team is comprised of senior talent that is versed and highly experienced dating back to the beginning of self-serve programmatic platforms coming online. We approach every investment with a customized and planned strategy and tactics designed to serve critical business KPI’s, rather than vanity media metrics.

Our core philosophy is to identify and buy the right audiences with the right tactics and creative message, not the cheapest or easily automated. That means our campaign structures are typically much more curated and hand built. Programmatic Display Advertising essentially opens up the entire web beyond Search and Social marketing to connect with audiences.

We use a sophisticated approach of layering in audience data with inventory, while structuring our campaigns in granular subsets that yield more data that can be used to refine and optimized for the highest returns.

Our approach to Programmatic Display Advertising is a much more hands on, heavy lifting approach, but allows us to take full advantage of programmatic technology to drive better performance.

Vujà Dé Digital Core Programmatic Services

Our Core Programmatic Services Include:

·  Forensic auditing of existing campaigns

·  Analytics and data tracking auditing and implementations

·  Dynamic Creative Optimization consulting and implementations

·  User Experience/Journey auditing and recommendations

·  Financial Proforma modeling and recommendations for investment return, KPI’s, and scalability outcomes


Our Agnostic Programmatic DSP campaign implementations; include but are not limited to: 

·  The Trade Desk

·  Amazon

·  Adobe

·  Google DV360

·  Stack Adapt


Campaigns can be executed across the following channel tactics:

·  Display

·  Video

·  Mobile

·  Connected TV (CTV)

·  Native

·  Audio

The Vujà Dé Digital Difference

The Vujà Dé Digital brand presents a promise that is already unique. Quite literally, it means that our brand promise is to deliver on an experience that is unlike anything you thought you were familiar with. 

Our business and operations model activate on that promise by allowing us to do things in a way our competitors can’t or won’t do. Historically and still to this day, media agencies operate generally off an hourly rate that is divided by the commission margin earned off of the ad spend budget.

This presents a significant problem in today’s digital bid-based media environment. This is due to the fact that in most cases, media people are no longer negotiating an insertion order (IO), rather they are working on your behalf to place ads by bidding  your dollars in ways that will yield the highest returns.

In a percent-media compensation model relationship, the agency is driven to use low cost junior talent and platform automation for scale and efficiency. This is the only way that type of operations model can yield profit for the agency. In this scenario, the agency gets their fee regardless of the outcome of the media buying. With this model, at 10-15% compensation or less for most media budgets, you can’t pay top talent and provide unlimited hours to do the best work.

Conversely, the Vujà Dé Digital model places full accountability on our team to deliver on business investment returns, working unlimited hours on the account to ensure the highest performance yield. Naturally the lowest fee would not support this premium model, and therefore our model requires higher earnings to support this effort. The contrast is that our model requires higher business outcomes to support the compensation model.

Our offer takes on all the risk of the investment and replaces the typical fee models, with an earnings model based on performance against KPI’s. Therefore, if we don’t perform, we don’t make money. Said another way – our compensation is directly tied to the level of success achieved for each client.

For Vujà Dé Digital, this model has prevailed and provided brands with the most successful media investments they have experienced.

If you’re ready for a change and are tired of simply paying a fee for media ‘placement’ versus ‘performance,’ please get in touch. We at Vujà Dé Digital would love to show you another way.?