If Your Ads Don’t Perform You Don’t Pay

That’s a bold statement. One that can only be made with confidence when you know you can achieve what’s expected. 

 We believe an advertiser’s agency partner should have ‘skin in the game.’ Simply planning and buying media for a fee does not make you a good partner. You could consider Vujà Dé Digital ‘old school,’ in that our compensation is tied to achieving our client’s goals and objectives. However, we can also be viewed as the future of agency partners. We put skin in the game.


Time to get…

 We think it’s time to get back to the basics. The advertising, media, and agency business over time has morphed into a complicated mix of technology, media platforms, and a mishmash of agency options for brands and companies to choose from. The complexity has overcomplicated the process of achieving a client’s goals and objectives.

The end goal of media buying is to deliver the desired business outcome from the investment a brand or company has entrusted you to spend on their behalf. However; over time, the industry has gotten further away from accountability for media investments.  

Technology is being used in many cases as a shortcut to media planning, buying, and campaign management. While some ad tech solutions are beneficial, we believe they will never completely replace human intelligence and decision making. The use of technology and misaligned compensation models further exacerbate the disconnect between media investments and meeting client objectives.


 How we get closer alignment between brands and agency performance is complicated, if an agency has built its business around percent media fees or full-time-equivalent (FTE) compensation models. However; when your compensation model is directly tied to business outcomes from marketing and media dollars invested, the alignment is easy. 

In order for both client and agency to realize a return on investment, both must commit to a mutually defined set of goals, measurement standards, and performance outcomes. Only then is an agency truly incented to act as the brand stew-ards and fiduciaries of an investment strategy and execution plan that has the true potential of succeeding.

We’ve learned what works from experience. Our model allows us to perform as a relentless extension of a client’s marketing team focused on true business outcomes that are meaningful and tangible. It also allows us to hire talent that has extensive experience. We never expect a client to train our employees on their dime. This ensures the best decision making and campaign management from the get-go.

 Our partners will also never compensate us for what they don’t believe we should earn. If we don’t perform, we don’t deserve to be your partner or earn compensation. In the extremely unlikely occasion that this is the outcome, we will both know that we did every-thing possible and have left nothing on the table. 

Humans Over Technology.png

At Vujà Dé Digital, we provide a grounded per-spective on what is real, what we have tried and failed at, and what we believe works and doesn’t work. We don’t promote the obvi-ous and easy or sexy. We point out the facts and the truth and reflect on what is real and possible. We know that no fancy technology can do what smart human capital can do. 

Our promise as an agency comes from our entrepreneurial, culturally obsessed drive for competitive performance and results. Our payoff comes in both shared financial gain with our clients, as well as the passion we have for our work and the pride we have in our mutual success. 

If you’re tired of paying for campaign strategy, management, and media buying, with no assurance your objectives will be met or achieved; please get in touch. We’d love to explore what’s possible.


Vujà Dé Digital

Partners in Possibility.