Don't let uncertainty get in your way.


While this time is unnerving and disruptive in many ways, it’s important that we keep an eye toward the future while staying in the moment. That sounds like an oxymoron, but is what I’ve found to be the best way to address the current reality that we find ourselves in.

Take Care of Your Customers

Regardless of how long the current state of affairs lasts, your customers were with you before all of this started. Remember to nurture these relationships because existing customer relationships are the lifeblood of sustainability and growth.


Get in tune with what may have shifted for your customers during this time. What do they need? How can you modify your product, services and offering to make their lives easier or better? This is the true value of a consumer’s relationship with a company or a brand. How you show up in times of difficulty says tons about what you stand for and about your values as a company. 

Stay Conscious Of Your Actions

As we know, everyone has one eye on the bottom line and where the economy is headed and the other on managing through the day, week, and month ahead. Be cautious of making any lasting decisions or any hasty actions that may come back to bite you. 

The playbook is being written on the fly. Whether we’re agency or client side, we’ve all got decisions to make that may be right on track, or off centerfield to the right or left. The important thing right now is to keep a level head and take actions that strengthen yourself, your brand and your company.

Be a Leader

Whatever capacity you’re in, be a leader. Leadership can cover everything from suggesting ways to improve internal workflow to improving communication, and everything in between. We’ve all been thrown into a work-from-home reality almost overnight. This in and of itself calls for each of us to step up as a leader, even if it’s just within our own domain.


For those who seize the moment, this can be a meaningful time of growth. Leadership shows up first as an inner strength that you aren’t going to succumb to the uncertainty of the day. With the variety of adjustments, the entire world is making, whatever you can do to keep yourself grounded and be of service to those around you, the better. The world needs leaders across the board right now.

Make Human Decisions Around Messaging

It can be easy for marketers and businesses to be frozen like deer in headlights. This is not the time for indecision or inaction. Consumers are looking for help and comfort. Whatever messaging you communicate during this time, look at everything you do through the lens of empathy and understanding. 

We’re all human, so distractions are also a blessing during this naturally stressful time. If you can put a bit of levity into your communication or anything similar, it’s important to show your human side and acknowledge that of your customers’ as well.

Convey Empathy

Times like these can bring out the best and worst in all of us. Remembering to treat everyone with empathy is a sign of emotional maturity. Consumers look for a sense of understanding and compassion from the companies they do business with – especially now.


Do whatever you can to display compassion and empathy throughout your organization as well as externally with your customers. Our behaviors and actions have a ripple effect on those around us and ultimately out into the broader world.

Stay Optimistic

While things are and can feel a bit unnerving, doing whatever you can to stay positive and optimistic in spite of external conditions will help carry you forward. A doom and gloom perspective or pessimism is the kiss of death to possibilities.


While this time calls for the greatest strength and creativity in seeing positive outcomes and a brighter future ahead, being an optimist has its advantages. Like attracts like. You’ll be much better poised for potential opportunities, collaborations and many possible scenarios that would never come your way if you were looking at the world as ‘glass half empty’ versus ‘glass half full.’

Keep An Eye Toward the Future

It may seem like the future is hard to imagine. The reality is that we’ll ultimately be down the road in chronological time eventually. While none of us have a crystal ball, one has to believe that we will eventually transition into more familiar ways of working and being.

While we walk through this time which sometimes seems at a snail’s pace, it can be the perfect time to assess where you’re at with your business and your vision for the future. Take some time to consider how you want to expand, adjust or shift into new directions. The pause of the constant hustle of commuting, traffic, and life as we knew it; can be used for introspection of where you want to be headed once we’re transitioned out of this time.

While none of us were prepared for what we are in the middle of walking through, we will get through it. We’ll be stronger and more resilient than we already were.

If we can offer any help, support or insight during this time, please get in touch. We’re just an email or phone call away!

Todd Juneau