Imagine the ‘Net Jets’ of Agencies


Imagine if you could have fractional ownership of your own high-performance, highly experienced strategic and performance driven marketing and advertising team. You’d get the perks of your own in-house dedicated team without the overhead. 

Sound too good to be true?

It isn’t. 

Follow these analogies and see if the ‘Net Jets’ of Agencies model is right for you. 


Private Jet $$$$$ Equivalent To: Having your own in-house team Pros: Dedicated solely to your company and brand and therefore expertise is applied to you only. Motivation is primarily to do what’s right for you. Cons:Extremely expensive, hard to find and retain top talent, little to no cross-industry expertise.   Who this is right for: Extremely large brands with huge budgets and resources, a variety of products, and less sensitivity to overall ROI or ROAS performance. Analogy: Investing in the overhead and maintenance of your own private plane. You pay 100% of the costs for the plane and the team to maintain and fly the plane, regardless of how much you need or use it.


Net Jets $$$ Equivalent To: Dedicated Fractional Team Pros: More affordable than the fully dedicated in-house team. No need to find and retain talent.  Gain a team that is highly skilled in and focused on your business as if it’s their own. A reliable partner motivated and incented to deliver results - not just spend your money. Cons: More expensive than no-performance guarantee options. Requires building and maintaining a strong relationship to maximize benefit. Investment in upfront alignment is critical to ensure your business and brand are properly understood and setup for success. Who this is right for: Savvy brands who want peace of mind and assurance that they have a motivated partner with seasoned experts who are looking out for their best interests. They want to work with someone willing to put skin in the game and is incented to exceed your objectives. Those who understand that you get what you pay for. Analogy: You don’t own the plane, but when you’re using it, you feel like you own it. The crew and everything surrounding the experience makes you feel like you do.


Commercial Air $$ Equivalent To: Managed Service Pros: Lower flat “fees”, simple setup as they “take care of everything”, a team that you can connect with for questions most of the time. Cons: Generally bring the ‘A team’ to sell and the ‘B or C team’ to actually execute. Rely heavily on automated technology to run campaigns and maintain scale. You are one of many; a small fish in a big pond. You generally only receive high level personnel involvement during pitches, reviews, or in a crisis. Little to no customization of tactics or consideration of true business results. They are paid regardless of metrics being met. The financial model allows little customization and clients are put into cookie cutter programs whether it’s the right fit or not. The incentive and financial model requires assigned resources to spend as little time as possible on each account to maintain profitability. Who this is right for: Brands who don’t have in-house expertise to do this themselves, have budgets to spend and will accept good results on paper and true business impact isn’t the primary goal. Where a low-involvement, hands-off solution is enough. Analogy: Commercial air will occasionally upgrade you to 1st class, offer you perks, or give away promotions; but at the end of the day, you’re a commodity or one-of-many. They squeeze as many people as possible on the plane and every passenger is just another ticket sold.

To experience the partnership and performance of a highly skilled 'Net Jets-like' fractional Marketing, Strategy and/or Media Buying team, get in touch. We're 'Partners in Possibility' and would love to connect.

Kelly Maguire