Don’t Launch Your 2019 Holiday Campaigns Without Reading This First


For many, the holidays are about turkey, gingerbread, and presents; for others it’s hours, days and nights spent on holiday creative, campaign strategies, black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, and ensuring coverage over the biggest revenue time of the year – the holidays. For those of us in the second category, this one’s for you. 


Leading up to this holiday season, we wrapped what we consider to be the best holiday marketing do’s and don’ts up into a Holiday Digital Marketing Guide that you can get here, if you haven’t already. As a general rule, the most important thing you can do going into the holiday season as a marketer, is to ensure that you’ve started early enough; and have the right strategies, budget and talent in place, to ensure you maximize the opportunities the holidays present.

We thought it might be interesting to highlight some of the emerging trends as we go into the 2019 holiday season from a few reputable sources. Here we go:

According to an August 2019 research study conducted by The Harris Poll and OpenX:

  • Consumers are expected to spend more on gifts in 2019, especially Millennial consumers. Projections are a 5% increase to $862 up from $819 in 2018.

  •  The following is when consumers are expected to begin their holiday shopping efforts: 50% September or earlier, 38% between October and Cyber Monday and 13% after Black Friday/Cyber Monday

  • Of Millennials, 69% plan to use their phones to holiday shop and half of Baby Boomers plan to split their shopping evenly between online and brick and mortar retail

  • Of all demographics, high income ($100k+) consumers are least likely to shop in-store 

Deloitte’s 2019 Holiday Retail Survey shows:

  • The average household is planning to spend nearly $1,500 this holiday season

  • “High spenders” – those who plan to spend more than $2,100, are expected to account for 60% of total holiday spending

  • Product assortment and price are the most important product attributes of holiday gift items, followed by convenience

  • In return for sharing personal information, the majority of consumers (61%) want promotions, discounts or other offers

  • Almost 80% (79%) of shoppers are concerned with shopping at retailers due to multiple data breaches or data breathes within the past year

eMarketer Projects Mixed Results:

·       Despite a general healthy economy, this holiday season will be met with economic uncertainty and a shorter shopping window

·       The eMarketer forecast projects US retail sales to climb to $1.008 trillion, making it the first-ever trillion-dollar holiday season

·       Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest online shopping day in history that could surpass $10 billion

·       Of course Amazon has an advantage for online deliveries, while advanced click-and-collect retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target will also have a leg up on competition 


Gearing up for the holiday season is no easy task, especially if you’re a marketer. That’s why we offer ancillary support to brands and agencies who don’t specialize in performance marketing, or need additional support or expertise to maximize the opportunity.

I hope these insights help shed light on opportunities and areas to focus on to make it your best holiday season yet!

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