Do You Know Who’s Really Managing Your Campaigns Over the Holidays?

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You’ve got two key opportunities to hit your campaign objectives for the holidays. The first opportunity started weeks ago as the groundwork was laid for smart activation preparing for ecommerce and retail sales. The second opportunity is in real-time from now through the end of the year. So over the holidays, who’s being left in charge of the crucial oversight, management and decision making to ensure every opportunity is maximized?


A high probability exists that many strategic campaigns across the country and around the world, will be managed by junior talent over the holidays. I’ve seen and experienced enough as a seasoned marketing and advertising professional, to know that while this is common; it’s not in everyone’s best interests. 

The point is that many, if not a majority of experienced senior talent; don’t typically put time in looking at campaigns over the holidays. The problem with this is that junior talent just doesn’t have the experience to draw upon with crucial decision making over such an important financial period for many businesses. 


At Vujà Dé Digital, we have a fundamental position and belief around hiring talent in general. We don’t believe in training talent on a client’s dime, which has become common in the industry. We are unconventional in many other ways as well in that we are truly pay-for-performance; which means we have skin in the game. Our financial remuneration is directly tied to the performance we achieve for our clients. In other words, we only win if our clients or agency partners win.

To ensure the best outcome for our clients our financial model is built to allow us to hire only skilled, experienced managers to oversee strategy, campaign execution and management. We know that we pay more for our talent, but it’s worth it to us and the performance our clients have come to expect. Because of the experience of our team, we work not only directly with brands but with agencies as well, to round out their expertise in pitches, media planning, as well as campaign execution. We are fully capable of fulfilling both roles.

While hiring and retaining quality talent is one of the number one concerns of most CEOs, it should also be on the minds of anyone who is relying on and trusting an outside resource with their financial investment into marketing and advertising. 


As professionals, we all started as junior talent at one point in our career. We also know that we get the experience level that we pay for. If you’re a brand, find out who’s overseeing your campaign optimization, performance and decision making over this upcoming crucial holiday period. If you’re an agency that could use some additional experienced talent to help build out campaigns, or manage and monitor campaign performance; please get in touch.

Todd Juneau