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Eddie Yarbrough is a legitimate defensive end prospect

August 12th, 2017 at 12:21 PM
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If you’ve been following along with the regular updates from Buffalo Bills training camp, one name has assuredly stood out to you: defensive end Eddie Yarbrough. The second-year free agent failed to survive final cuts with the Denver Broncos last season, and as an undrafted player out of Wyoming, he didn’t carry much in the way of name recognition. Our quick profile from June essentially treated him as “just a guy” among the slew of depth options at defensive end.

You know the story since then. Yarbrough has shown consistent success in just about every practice. Starting with the third string, he played well enough to get a promotion above third-year pro Max Valles. He kept earning sacks in practice. Then Shaq Lawson tweaked his groin and Ryan Davis suffered a concussion. Suddenly, the Bills needed a player to fill in on the first string, and Yarbrough was their man. And he kept delivering. Then the Bills played their first preseason game, and we finally got a live look at Yarbrough’s abilities: they’re legitimate.

Yarbrough exited the game as one of the MVPs, with a sack and two quarterback hurries. Rewatching the first half, where he played against the first and second string, it’s clear that Yarbrough was consistently winning battles, using strength, bend, and impressive technique. The Bills have found a legitimate prospect at the position.

Here’s the first noteworthy play of the night. Note the Bills lining up in a 4-3 Under look, with Lorenzo Alexander on the far left side of the defensive line. In a normal 4-3, Yarbrough is always playing LDE.

Following the play action, Yarbrough kept his eyes on the ball and knows to follow the quarterback. Keep note of his good balance, allowing him to curve and follow the quarterback on the bootleg. Yarbrough’s ability to bend without slowing down is what separates him from a player like Ian Seau.

On the very first drive, Yarbrough announced himself with this sack. What I love about this play is the way he sets himself up for an inside-outside move. Yarbrough plants his right leg and turns his upper body to be …

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