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Buffalo Bills Reportedly Interested in Michael Vick

February 10th, 2013 at 4:00 PM
By Samuel Gerould

Could Michael Vick be headed to the Buffalo Bills?

At least one NFL analyst thinks it could be a possibility.

While speaking on sports radio WGR550, John Clayton, an analyst for ESPN, said sources have indicated the Bills are interested in Vick.

"You now have a college coach who knows the read option system and, you can see that there can be a little excitement there maybe that can be a draw for the fans,” Clayton told the radio station. “Buffalo was quite interested in (Vick) before he ended up going to Philadelphia. Everything I hear, according to sources, is that there is interest there.”

But, if the Bills really are interested in Vick, they’ll need a lot of cash.

“How much money are they willing to spend,” Clayton asked on WGR550. “He's (Vick) not going to get the $100 million contract that he got from Philadelphia."

However, Clayton cautioned that Vick is only one option for the Bills. He also said the Bills could find the answer to their quarterback problems in the draft.

"I get the feeling, more than anything else that, I think there is legitimate interest in Michael Vick,” Clayton told WGR550. “But I don't know if it's going to consummate into any deal, so, if they don't go for Michael Vick, than they could go for the Syracuse quarterback (Ryan Nassib) or one of the quarterbacks in the draft."

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