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Buffalo Bills Tip Their Hand, Confirm Key Target Positions for Upcoming Draft

January 24th, 2013 at 8:17 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Buffalo Bills general Manager Buddy Nix has confirmed that the team will be looking at linebackers, quarterbacks and wide receivers when April's draft commences, reports. 

Nix told the team's website that he is intrigued by the three positions, but still wants to evaluate the talent pool from every position.

“The receivers, obviously we want a guy who can go up and snatch the ball, that he’s open when he’s covered,” Nix told “See if they’ll go up and high point the ball and get it. “It’s a good group, I think the receivers on both teams (of the Senior Bowl) are a strength, and in the draft there are a lot of good players.”

Buffalo has been widely criticized for the play of its linebackers in recent years, something that Nix says he is ready to address. 

 “When you’re looking at linebackers, you want a guy who can run and cover and can match up against a slot or a tight end,” Nix told the website. “See if that guy’s got enough mobility in space to cover.”

Buffalo also has been in misery at the quarterback position since Jim Kelly retired. The Bills have yet to find a franchise signal caller since the Hall of Famer decided to hang up the pads. Nix said that he is looking for a leader who can make a difference late in the football game.

“With quarterbacks, I think the big thing with them is can they win the game,” Nix said. “Do they do something to win the game? Can they play good in the fourth quarter, in the last three or four minutes?”

While there is still a while before the draft, the signs are encouraging that Buffalo's management team acknowledges where their weak points have been. Hopefully, for Bills fans, the team will be able to address those weak points. 

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