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No QB is Worth First Round Pick in NFL Draft, Mel Kiper Says

January 17th, 2013 at 9:27 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

After the lack of production at the quarterback position in Buffalo for more than a decade, fans are screaming for the Bills to draft a franchise signal caller.

Unfortunately for fans, that quarterback may not exist in the upcoming draft, at least ESPN's draft guru Mel Kiper doesn't think so. 

“I couldn’t put a first round quarterback in my mock because I don’t think one is going to go seven or eight,” Kiper said in a national conference call reported by ”After that nobody else is looking at a quarterback. The teams that are, Kansas City obviously and Arizona and Buffalo, but they’re second round possibilities. To me if you want to project a quarterback at seven or eight go ahead. I just don’t think there’s any quarterback worthy of going that high.”

While the Bills could very well look at a quarterback in the second or even third round, or they could trade back into the first round. Kiper is quick to point out that some of today's top young quarterbacks went in the second round.

“That’s where do you see a team trade back into the first round in the 20’s to get a Mike Glennon, a Geno Smith or a Matt Barkley? Certainly that could happen,” Kiper said. “We all thought that was going to happen with Andy Dalton two years ago and it never did. Cincinnati stayed where they were he fell to them and Colin Kaepernick went a little higher to the 49ers and there they were. Everybody said if you want Andy Dalton you have to move back into the first at about 25 and nobody had to move to 25."

Of course, the Bills know they need a franchise quarterback and general manager Buddy Nix even went on the record stating he will get one. But it most likely will not come with the No. 8 pick.

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