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Buffalo Bills Week 16 Reaction: Spoiler Attempt Spoiled

December 24th, 2012 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

The Buffalo Bills had a chance to ruin the Miami Dolphins' chances at making the playoffs Sunday, but they failed to generate any type of excitement as Miami beat the Bills 24-10.

Once again, the lone bright spot for Buffalo was CJ Spiller, who rushed for 138 yards on 22 carries. The Bills had a chance to make the game interesting late in the fourth quarter, but Ryan Fitzpatrick was intercepted trying to throw a quick pass from the Miami two-yard line.

Buffalo's loss drops them to 5-10 on the season, which puts them in position for a decent draft pick in April. That's basically all the Bills have to look forward to as this season has been disastrous. Buffalo lacks the ability to strike on offense, with the exception of Spiller, and their defense is lackluster, despite the expensive defensive line.

Although the Bills were unable to end Miami's playoff run, the Cincinnati Bengals did when they knocked off the Pittsburgh Steelers. The AFC East will officially have one representative, which is of course the New England Patriots again. The Bills will finish their pathetic season at home against the New York Jets, which promises to be a matchup that nobody cares about. 

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