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Buffalo Bills Week 15 Reaction: EmbarASSment

December 17th, 2012 at 9:47 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Nobody expected the Buffalo Bills to win Sunday against a Seattle team that is very much in the playoff hunt in the NFC.

Buffalo showed just why those expectations are so low with an atrocious showing in Toronto.

The Bills allowed 50 points to the Seahawks, allowing Russell Wilson to run for three touchdowns while throwing for another. Add that to Marshawn Lynch's 113 yards and a touchdown and the story is pretty well told on how well the defense played for Buffalo

The offense wasn't much better, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 217 yards and a touchdown, along with two interceptions before taking a seat for backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen. The Bills did get production from CJ Spiller, who rushed for 103 yards and a touchdown on just 17 carries. 

Buffalo's loss officially takes them out of the playoff hunt, as if they hadn't done that themselves weeks ago. The Bills will finish the year with division games against Miami and the New York Jets. The Bills will closeout the season with yet another losing record despite what bright spots may arise in the coming weeks. The Bills have disappointed their fan base yet again, and this time they did so in another country, where their "home" game was half-filled with mostly Seattle fans. The Bills are failing to stay relevant in the NFL as a whole, and they're also failing in their attempt to reach out to the fan base in Toronto.

Failure, a term associated with the Bills for far too long. 

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