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Buffalo Bills Week 14 Reaction: My George, You Blew It

December 10th, 2012 at 6:09 PM
By Anthony Custode Jr

The Buffalo Bills squandered yet another game to an opponent that they could very well have beaten Sunday, and there's plenty of blame to go around.


Buffalo was very passive to end the first half, when head coach Chan Gailey elected to kick a field goal on third down. If that's not puzzling enough, Gailey called timeout with 11 seconds left in the half to kick the field goal, instead of waiting until the two or three second mark. RIan Lindell made the field goal and Buffalo had to kickoff. Nothing notably happened on the ensuing kickoff, but that is just one coaching blunder that could be highlighted from the game. 

Gailey also elected to punt the ball in the second half while up 12-7 instead of trying a 52-yard field goal. To make matters worse, he had the field goal unit on the field and didn't have enough confidence that the players would listen to his last minute decision to take a meaningless delay of game penalty and called a timeout to send his punting unit out on the field. The move not only triggered a monsoon of boos from the home crowd, but eventually proved costly as the Bills could have used the extra timeout on their final possession. 

CJ Spiller had a total of seven carries for 37 yards. Yes, the dynamic first-round pick was averaging 5.7 yards a carry and was limited to seven carries. SEVEN. One could only speculate that his carries could go up after the news breaking that Fred Jackson may be done for the season with a knee injury, but with this coaching staff, nothing is certain.

However, with all the miscues, terrible clock management and lack of offensive execution, the Bills still had a chance to win the game. Insert George Wilson to the blame circle. Wilson dropped two interceptions that would have sealed the game for Buffalo, and as a result, the Rams capped the drive with the game-winning touchdown. As difficult as it is to point the finger at Wilson, being the class act and competitor he is, it must be done. This will mark the second game this season Wilson dropped a game-clinching interception that turned a sure win into a loss. The last time was against the Tennessee Titans earlier this year. As unfortunate as it may be, it's getting clearer to see why Wilson was moved from receiver to safety. It may be even more unfortunate that his play at safety may have run him out of the lineup.

At 5-8 the Bills are all but done as far as playoffs are concerned, but not completely mathematically eliminated. However, their inability to execute against a Rams team that is far from elite is troubling, let alone the coaching gaffes. Yes, it seems as though Buffalo will spend another season on the outside of the playoff picture looking in at teams who have coaches that can manage the game and players that can execute. 

But hey, Buffalo, there's always next year, right?

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