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Buffalo Bills in Fragile Position Coming into Matchup with New England Patriots

November 8th, 2012 at 8:49 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

The Buffalo Bills will go into Sunday's matchup with the New England Patriots with a 3-5 record, and almost all hopes in making the playoffs lost.

Not because at 3-5, the team is in a terrible position, but because of their lack of success against the Patriots in the last decade, which could lead to a dreaded 3-6 record once this week is said and done.


The Bills know that they had early success in their first meeting against New England, but they're inability to keep the Patriots down hurt them, bad.

“Yeah, it sticks in your craw,” Bills head coach Chan Gailey told “And if it doesn’t, something’s wrong with you. With a 21-7 lead with 11 minutes to go in the third quarter and for that game to end up like it did, yeah, it probably more than sticks in your craw. It probably makes you sick. It does with me.”

After giving up leads in two-straight games against the Patriots, Gailey says that the key coming into Sunday's game is to finish what they've started.

“I talked to the team this morning about the same old term that we always use, ‘finish,’” Gailey told “We had them in two ball games in a position to finish the game and win the game and we haven’t done it. We’ve just got to go learn to finish out the last three quarters, or finish out the last quarter and a half. We’ve got to learn to finish against this football team and it’s not easy. They’re good for a reason.”

One thing is for sure, if Buffalo doesn't finish against New England, they're season will be all but finished. 

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